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Wildlife Removal and Animal Control - Specializing in Bats and Squirrels
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Southern Wildlife Control provides professional wildlife control services for both residential and commercial customers. We offer custom solutions for almost any type of wildlife problem. We are available for small jobs or large and offer the best service at a fair price.

Southern Wildlife Control has a goal of solving your wildlife problem to your satisfaction. We do this by using the most benign, yet effective methods that do the least harm to the wildlife, the environment and the client. We make every attempt to evict the animals so that they cannot return. Sometimes we must relocate them to suitable habitat nearby, but whichever solution is employed, we abide by the laws and rules of the state of Georgia.

    Noises in your attic?  Unwanted wildlife bothering you?  We can help!
We specialize in bat exclusion and clean up; squirrel trapping, removal and control; and
 bird removal.  In addition, we do raccoon removal and control; skunk, opposum and armdillo removal;mole and vole trapping; snake removal; and predator control including trapping coyote, fox and bobcat.  We can also trap and remove beaver.

Our service area includes Macon, Warner Robins and all communities in the greater Middle Georgia.  We will go to Dublin, Milledgeville, Monticello, Forsyth, Perry, Fort Valley, Centerville, Byron, Bonaire, Cochran, Gray, Eatonton, Gordon, Griffin, Thomaston, Roberta, Barnesville and all the many smaller communities in the area. 

For wildife trapping, removal, control, and exclusion services you can count on us! Southern Wildlife Control, LLC Macon, Georgia, 478-737-5438.

We can also be found at

   C R Benson, CWCP (Certified Wildlife Control Professional), WCO (Wildlife Control Operator)
       Email:, Telephone: 478-737-5438, FAX: 404-795-1062
Mail correspondence to: Southern Wildlife Control, LLC, 139 Water Way Court, Macon GA 31220


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